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FlashAlerts servicing EDUCATION:

FlashAlerts for schools is an online service that is available AnyTime. AnyWhere to staff, teachers, parents
and students. Imagine - only five years ago students and teachers generally did not have cell phones, email,
sms, instant messaging, wireless networks at home, laptops. Today these are commonplace. The impact on
expectations will be profound.

Over the next two years these connected students and parents will begin to expect and even demand better
on line interaction to be better informed, to improve student performance and to increase school safety.
School websites are great ways to let participants express their creativity but interaction to solve day to
day processes bring much more to the table.

Whenever interaction and notifications are needed, FlashAlerts brings the best of breed technologies to
bear to ensure higher yield, better outcomes, higher student performance and solid IT consistency.




Parent-Teacher Interviews


Group Admin.


Homework OnLine


Database Admin.


Facilities Booking




Bus Activity


Notification Sending





School Updates



Contact Priority Updating



Event Planning





So what can parents expect? With budgets tighter than sardines in a can schools will look to three key
ingredients; cost and workload reduction, delivery of significant value processes, and protection of security
and privacy.

FlashAlerts looks to deliver against these challenges with processes such as:


Parent "self service" teacher interview scheduling, sign up, notification and reporting.


Immediate voice, email, cell, text messages for information, callouts, newsletters.


Parental involvement for Attendance notification for higher communications yield.


Urgent or emergency communications for risk situations, lockdown communications or school closures.


Homework online for higher student performance and accountability.


School, School Board and group calendaring.


Automated parental opt in and contact maintenance.

FlashAlerts gives parents what they need and want in quality communications and interaction with
schools-AnyTime Anywhere to let staff and teachers build, deliver and report without having to install or
learn any software.


Complimentary to strategic direction by Boards and the Province for student information systems via standards based API's.


Taking on the heavy workloads associated with Parent Teacher Interviews, Homework on line, Contact maintenance, and notifications by phone, email, messaging in the way parents wants.


Minimizes the problems of silos of technologies through integration of multiple workflows in a single open architecture.


Easy to use browser based interaction almost eliminates training requirements.


No software installations or maintenance, every user always has the latest capability without the costs of traditional software implementations.

Just 4 Easy Steps for Moving ahead with FlashAlerts:

1. Order the service from FlashAlerts. Your school site is activated within 24 hours.

2. Assign an administrator or secretary. Send a note home to parents letting them know Your school

3. Regular interaction with the FlashAlerts team to provide effective feedback. Designed for intuitive
usage. Support delivered via email and on line.

4. All users at latest release all the time-ZERO maintenance costs.
Custom features and on site training available.

Contact us to get started :: 1-613-836-2915 or info@flashalerts.com


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