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FlashAlerts For School Board - IT….

CIO's at school boards need educational modules that deliver real value while not adding additional silos of
technology. Through the FlashAlerts multi module approach many interactive capabilities are delivered in one
open standards environment. Instead of many licensed software packages, each with its own maintenance
problems, FlashAlerts requires o individual licenses or special training. The cost of ownership is lowered dramatically.

Why have a software for homework, a software and hardware for dialing, another for electronic delivery,
one for facilities booking and so on when the problems can be solved with one approach that is open?
The FlashAlerts data server.


Consistent browser interface minimizes training requirements as staff moves around.


Open architecture and API integrates with back office systems.


Board level branding supported.


Privacy and data security policies protected via FlashAlerts Data Server and FlashAlerts.


Notification engine separation.


FlashAlerts Professional Services team for additional integration.


On line context sensitive support structures.


Board level or school level help desk capability.


Data management import or export.


API integration options for any open environment.


Blackboard integration option.


No desktop installation required.


Every user always at the latest release.


New modules directly focused at school workflow being added.


School closure notification - Board level, school level.


OPT in focus provides better parent contact management with parental accountability.


Pre-population of teacher groups via API option for portability.


Attendance notifications - better yield than traditional phone dialers.


Multilevel group administrators.


Event setup and management at Board or school level.


Proxy to ensure that no parent left behind.


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