Learn more about the benefits experienced by:




the Board,




and Teachers.




FlashAlerts servicing Schools ….



Parents sign up- zero work for admins,teachers and parents


Time to build a parent-teacher night is in minutes


Verify parent contact information automatically


Send newsletters electronically to save costs


Parents notified of risk situations instantly


School Council information dissemination


Calendar items directly entered


Direct data import from any standard based system


Full feedback on interview slot utilization


Teachers can put homework on line without training


Reports generated to show real effectiveness


School closure notifications instantly sent to reduce inconvenience


Automatic contact information updates with parent input


School Trip management-reduced parent phone calls


Bus cancellations, delays and changes for snow days or closures


Library and book notifications


Attendance notifications-the way the parents want!


Letters of concern-delivered with parental receipt


Team practices and events


Graduation group information


Multiple reports


Multilevel group administrators


Course selection


Student information sheet completion and submission


Course selection assistance


Parents choice of best method


Tutor help

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