Learn more about the benefits experienced by:




the Board,




and Teachers.




FlashAlerts For Teachers….



Easy to set up, easy to use and easy to get results!


Elimination of Interview event workload with improved process


Extremely simple way to put homework on line for better student performance


Rapid communications with both parents and students for best sharing of responsibility and accountability


Event and trip and team notifications instantly


Simple to use - AnyTime Anywhere


No more kids chasing through the halls looking for interview slots.


Full feedback on interview slot utilization including child names


Teachers can put homework on line without training


School closure notifications instantly sent to reduce inconvenience


Automatic contact information updates with parent input


School Trip management-reduced parent phone calls


No desktop software needed


Minimal "In Service" training required


Add courses, assignments in seconds


Tutor availability listings


Any Teacher can send notification to their class(s) in seconds



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