FlashAlerts Servicing MUNICIPALITIES:

Municipalities turn to FlashAlerts to-build communications, facilitate booking capabilities, manage programs and
facilitate bookings all on line.

1) Municipality offers programs themselves, in their own facilities as well as in other community facilities.
2) Municipality promotes registrations for programs run by other community groups.
3) It is important to be able to access the system from any internet-enabled computer and authorized user with no
additional licensing costs.

To Do List:
1) Review of municipal program registration and facility booking workflows
2) Get input on importance of on-line payment feature
3) Understand parks and recreation budgets/size of municipality
4) Work on some basic cost/benefit analysis re process re-engineering, accuracy, facility/program utilization
rates, etc.

Municipal/Community functionality for program registration

View #1: Municipality or organization that is providing the program
The system should allow:

-input of individual programs and produce a listing of programs offered, with some basic information on
program type, dates offered, duration, prices, location, instructor
-creation of a listing of individuals who register for these programs with basic information on what they
registered for, if and when they paid and in some cases if they have completed the required liability waiver
form or other required documentation
-conducting a check or cross-reference on a facility booking calendar for confirmation for availability of the
required facility for the program (this would be for internal use only)
-input form to be used for registrations taken over the counter or by phone
-if application not set up to receive on-line payments as programs registered, then payments could be due
the first day of the program
-generation of some basic reports to be collected on first day of program, maybe receipts of payments

View #2: Citizen registering for the program
The system should allow:

-searching a listing of programs based on certain parameters such as swimming, fitness, skating, etc. and
display the basic information on a selected program i.e. program description, location offered, dates
offered/duration, price and instructor
-indicating contact information if any further questions/information required
-individuals to either register for a PIN, which would allow them to register for multiple programs without
entering all their information each time - this listing would become the database of participants OR they to just
re-enter all their personal identification information each time a registration was made
-a form to register for a program, whether or not an electronic payment is provided for (Note: transaction
volumes may be too small to enable a cost efficient arrangement for electronic payment processing so
application should provide for this capability but not require its use)
-something to print that confirms their registration request (could be a confirmation by email or phone notification)
-registrants the option of receiving notices relating to program offerings, registration dates, cancellations,
reminders for first day of program, etc.
-the ability to search and confirm which program(s) they have registered for in the past (maybe not critical)

For facility reservations/bookings:

View #1: Owner/Manager of the facility
The system should allow:

-input of a list of facilities available for booking, including information on each such as facility description,
capacity, location, licensing, etc.
-input of a list of various rules and applicable rates (resident, non-resident, non profit, etc.)
-input of a list of individuals/organizations booking facilities
-completion of a check list of required paperwork, payment, etc (i.e. liquor license, liability waiver, contract, etc.)
-on-line form access to allow easy entry of above information as well as note when facilities are reserved
(likely with a deposit received) or confirmed booked with all paperwork completed
-display of a 'calendar' showing bookings and available facilities
-generation of some basic reports that could be generated to show utilization in facility bookings, revenues
generated from various facilities, etc.

View #2: Person reserving the facility
The system should allow:

-entry of basic search parameters (including available dates) for type of facility required and receive a list of
potential matches with all related facility details
-form indicating required information to confirm a reservation/booking (resident status, deposit, rate structure,
licenses, etc.)
-form to enter individual/organization information to receive PIN for reservation (may utilize same PIN database
as programs) or to re-enter information with each reservation
-initiating the facility reservation process, dependent on certain actions being taken in a prescribed period of time
-indication of a confirmation of the 'reservation' with details and instructions for follow up actions
-linking to facilities calendar to block out booked time/facility once confirmed.


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